happy new year. / by John Benitez

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a while since my last post and quite a few things have since we have last spoken. Christmas has come and gone, the New Year came and went, and now we have a new President (eek!). A lot of my friends were so happy to see 2016 go, and in some ways I was too. 2017 looks like it's off to a shaky start, but once this year gets to its cruising altitude, I am hopeful for clear skies and minimal turbulence. I don't really know why I'm comparing 2017 to an airplane, but it kinda fits, at least in my mind it does. Oh well, end paragraph!

So in keeping with this "new year, new me" thing, I have have decided to freshen things up in life. I have lost some weight, changed up the diet some, and I'm feeling good about that. I also decided it was time to freshen up the website. I have a bunch of new content just waiting to be put up, but I have been putting it off for some time. As much as I love have new stuff to put on my site, I actually hate updating it. It takes forever because I am so OCD when it comes to how I want to present the content and the consistency, whether it's image sizing or image flow. I told myself that all I was going to do was put up some travel images and then call it a day. Instead, it turned into a partial website revamp with new color, new sub-menus, and a landing page that links to my site and its respective "micro sites". This process is so tedious yet soothing at the same time. It's definitely a love/hate relationship. I hate doing it, but I love the way it looks at the end. 

The hardest part of all of this is culling through images and deciding what stays and what goes. Sometimes I feel like an image hoarder, where I almost have too much content, oversharing and making the experience of viewing a particular section drone on. So then I purge the content and walk away. Then I look at it again and I get instant purger remorse and re-add content, ending up in the same spot. Can someone just do this for me?!? But, let me control it and oversee what content is going up. But I want you to make your best judgements on everything. But, I want to make sure you line up with what my judgements are. And so on and so on. Not a winning proposition for anyone! 

Well, until I get to a point in my career where clients are blowing my agent's phone up with international, world-dominating campaigns that leaves me no time but to shoot, leave all the gear on for assistants to turn off, and jet set to the next gig, I'll continue to tweak my site myself. Then I should be finished for a while. Oh wait, what about blog posts and instagram? Oh boy, 2017 is off to a shaky start!