valley of fire. / by John Benitez

5d3 + 14mm f2.8

5d3 + 14mm f2.8

I'm on another business trip, this time to Las Vegas. I haven't been back in 13 years. Needless to say, much has changed.

The crew and I arrived a day early so we used this day to take a side trip to Valley Of Fire State Park. VOF is about an hour northeast of the strip, so it was an easy drive, once you got out of the tangled mess that is downtown Las Vegas.

Armed with all of our gear, we headed out into the desert. The day was overcast, often threatening with rain, but we did not let that deter us from seeing this natural wonder. I was recently given a new Spotify playlist that is chock-full desert vibes. These tunes provided the perfect soundtrack to our desert adventure. It really gets you in the mood to explore and create memories.

It was amazing to see this park unfold before your eyes. For what seemed like miles of browns and muted greens, this park literally shatters the landscape with its vibrant red, giving the vista its name. Even against a cloudy sky, these vistas seem to glow under its own inner energy. It's truly a sight to behold.

Upon entering the park you can literally lose yourself in the valley. Many times I had to remember to keep my eyes on the road since you catch yourself staring off in amazement. We only had two hours to spend at the park and this was not enough time. In total, we only hit three spots, and within that, not much time was spent at these locations since we wanted to see another spot.

If you come, make sure you plan for a whole day. This park is amazing the treasures it holds for adventure seekers (and photographers) abound. Take a picnic lunch, play some desert tunes, and lose yourself in God's creation.