midwest muse. / by John Benitez

the chicago theater /// 5dsr + 16-35 f.2.8L

the chicago theater /// 5dsr + 16-35 f.2.8L

I am starting to travel quite a bit more for work. It's something that i love, yet leaves me feeling bittersweet. i am very much a traveler and this job allows me to fulfill that need. however i feel that there is a sense of escapism in  it all. An avoidance of responsibility or the leaving of the "real world". Can you possibly enjoy what you do so much that it no longer feels like work and work trips become vacations? don't get me wrong, there is still a lot of work i do, i mean a lot of work, but these shooting trips seem to even things out, kind of like using a cheat code in a video game. it makes the game so much easier, but just kinda feels wrong, almost unearned. nevertheless, its my job and i feel very fortunate to do it, and fortunate to be where i am.

I took a quick trip to Chicago to shoot a cover story for work. it was super fast i was gone in the blink of an eye. when i'm in those situations, i feel the need to slow my mind down, just so that i can take in where i actually am. i hadn't been back to Chicago in a number of years so it was a real treat to see my favorite midwest city again. the weather was perfect (mid-60's and sunny) and the energy of the city energized me for the task at hand.  i feel that i could almost live in Chicago...almost. this is a town that caters to people in a much higher tax bracket than myself so i'll just choose to visit. 

one of my favorite spots is the Chicago theater. its an iconic part of the city but tucked away in an area that you would least expect. i like this spot because it reminds me of the sitcom "Perfect strangers" and "Family Matters". Not only were they required watching on tgif, but these show epitomized what it was like to live in Chicago, whether it be in an apartment in downtown, or in the surrounding suburb. these shows made the city feel romantic and almost candid. a diet New York City. it has the grit that you would expect from a big city but with a heavy midwest accent and its subsequent charm. a gem of middle America.

Hopefully next time i'll have more time to wander about the city, but for now, i'll just watch Balki and Larry and root for the Cubbies.